This is a list of artists signed to Motown or one of its many subsidiaries.

Overview of Motown acts
Name Signed Label Notes
98 Degrees 1990s Motown
702 1980s/1990s Motown
Akon 21st century Motown
The Allens 1970s Motown
Georgio Allentini 1980s/1990s Motown
Luther Allison 1970s Motown
Gerald Alston 1970s Motown
The Andantes 1960s Motown Records Backing vocal group used on several recordings
Another Bad Creation 1980s/1990s Biv 10 Records
Apollo 1970s Motown
India Arie 21st century Motown
Ashanti 21st century Motown
Ashford & Simpson 1960s Motown The duo worked at Motown as songwriters and producers primarily, but Valerie Simpson recorded albums with the label and the duo recorded albums as an act at other labels
Cholly Atkins 1960s Motown Choreographer
Avery 21st century Motown
AZ 21st century Motown
B.G.O.T.I. 1980s/1990s BGOTI
Babyface 21st century Motown
Erykah Badu 1980s/1990s Motown
Bankroll Freddie 21st century Motown
J. J. Barnes 1960s Ric-Tic Records
Drake Bell 21st century Motown
Yummy Bingham 21st century Motown
Will Biondo 21st century Motown
Black Coffey 21st century Motown
Blinky 1960s Motown
Bobby M 1980s/1990s Gordy
Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers 1960s Gordy
The Boys 1980s/1990s Motown
Boyz II Men 1990s Motown
Brass Monkey 1970s Rare Earth
Toni Braxton 21st century Motown
Trina Broussard 21st century Motown
Dorsey Burnette 1960s Mel-o-dy Records
G. C. Cameron 1970s Motown
The Cats 1970s Rare Earth
Vita Chambers 21st century Motown
Charlene 1980s/1990s Motown
The Chi-Lites 1960s
Choker Campbell & His 16-Piece Band 1960s Motown Records
City Girls[1] 21st century Motown
Chris Clark 1960s V. I. P. Records
Tom Clay 1970s MoWest Records
Angela Clemmons 1980s/1990s Motown
Desiree Coleman 1980s/1990s Motown
Commodores 1970s MoWest and Motown
The Contours 1960s Gordy Records
Caroline Crawford 1960s Motown
Crystal Mansion 1970s Rare Earth
Bobby Darin 1970s Motown
Dazz Band 1980s/1990s Motown
Dean Debbie 1960s Motown
DeBarge 1980s Gordy
Bunny DeBarge 1980s Motown
Chico DeBarge 1980s Motown
El DeBarge 1980s Gordy
Kiki Dee 1970s Tamla
Donnie 21st century Motown
The Dynamic Superiors 1970s Motown
Earl Van Dyke and the Soul Brothers 1960s Motown
The Easybeats 1970s Rare Earth
Billy Eckstine 1960s Motown
Duane Eddy 1970s Motown
Dennis Edwards 1970s Gordy
The Elgins 1960s V. I. P.
The Fantastic Four 1960s Ric-Tic and Soul Records
Jose Feliciano 1980s Motown
Four Tops 1960s Motown
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons 1970s MoWest and Motown
Siedah Garrett 1980s/1990s Gordy
Marvin Gaye 1960s Tamla
Valerie George 1980s/1990s Gordy
Nikita Germaine 1980s/1990s Motown
Johnny Gill 1980s/1990s Motown
Gladys Knight & the Pips 1960s Soul Records
The Good Girls 1980s/1990s Motown
Layton Greene 21st century Motown
Guinn 1980s/1990s Motown
Sam Harris 1980s/1990s Motown
Hearts of Stone 1970s V. I. P.
High Inergy 1970s Gordy
Eddie Holland 1960s Motown
Dave Hollister 21st century Motown
Brenda Holloway 1960s Tamla
Patrice Holloway 1960s V. I. P.
Thelma Houston 1970s Tamla
Reuben Howell 1970s Motown
Howl the Good 1970s Rare Earth
Willie Hutch 1970s Motown
Impact of Brass 1970s Rare Earth
The Isley Brothers 1960s Tamla
Mila J 21st century Motown
Chuck Jackson 1960s V. I. P.
Jackie Jackson 1970s Motown
Jermaine Jackson 1970s Motown
Michael Jackson 1970s Motown
The Jackson 5 1970s Motown
Jada 21st century Motown
Rick James 1970s Gordy
Mable John 1960s Tamla
Marv Johnson 1960s Tamla
Wade Jones[2][3] 1959 Rayber
Jords 2020s Motown First British rap act signed to Motown.[4]
Jr. Walker & the All Stars 1960s Soul
Keff James 1970s Rare Earth
Kem 21st century Motown
Eddie Kendricks 1970s Tamla
Sebastian Kole 21st century Motown
Kreuz 1980s/1990s Motown
Lakeyah 21st century Motown
Latif 21st century Motown
Stacy Lattisaw 1980s/1990s Motown
Bettye LaVette 1980s/1990s Motown
Lil Baby 21st century Motown
Lil Durk 21st century Motown The Voice of the Heroes with Lil Baby
Lil Yachty 21st century Motown
Lindsay Lohan 21st century Motown Only the single "Bossy")
London 21st century Motown
Lost Boyz 1980s/1990s Motown
The Lost Nation 1970s Rare Earth
Love Sculpture 1970s Rare Earth
Lovesmith 1960s
Michael Lovesmith 1960s
Shorty Long 1960s Soul
Magic 1970s Rare Earth
Teena Marie 1970s Gordy
Martha and the Vandellas 1960s Gordy Also billed as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
The Marvelettes 1960s Tamla
Mary Jane Girls 1980s/1990s Gordy
Matrix 1970s Rare Earth
MC Trouble 1980s/1990s Motown
Michael McDonald 1980s/1990s Motown
Carrie McDowell 1980s/1990s Motown
Brian McKnight 1980s/1990s Motown
Barbara McNair 1960s Motown
Meechy Baby 21st century Motown
Michael and the Messengers 1970s Rare Earth
Chrisette Michele 21st century Motown
Migos 21st century Motown
The Miracles 1960s Tamla Also billed as Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Misa 1980s/1990s Motown
The Monitors 1960s V. I. P. Records
Debelah Morgan 1980s/1990s Motown
Mýa 21st century Motown
Nelly 21st century Motown
Ne-Yo 21st century Motown
Njomza 21st century Motown
The Originals 1960s Soul
The Ones 1960s Motown
Matt Ox 21st century Motown
Pal 1980s/1990s Motown
Bonnie Pointer 1970s Motown
The Pointer Sisters 1980s/1990s Motown
Poor Boys 1970s Rare Earth
Power of Zeus 1970s Rare Earth
Billy Preston 1970s Motown
The Pretty Things 1970s Rare Earth
Quavo 21st century Motown
Queen Latifah 1980s Motown
Barbara Randolph 1960s Soul
Dina Rae 21st century Motown
Rare Earth 1970s Rare Earth
The Rayber Voices 1959 Rayber A backing vocal group[5]
La'Porsha Renae 21st century Motown
Repairs 1970s Rare Earth
Lionel Richie 1980s Motown
Jimmy Robbins 21st century Motown
Smokey Robinson 1970s Tamla
Rockwell 1980s Motown
Diana Ross 1970s Motown
Kevin Ross 21st century Motown
Kelly Rowland 21st century Motown
Bailey Rubero 21st century Motown
David Ruffin 1960s Motown
Jimmy Ruffin 1960s Soul
Rustix 1970s Rare Earth
SafetySuit 21st century Motown
Phyllis St. James 1980s/1990s Motown
Tiwa Savage 21st century Motown
San Remo Golden Strings 1960s Gordy
Remy Shand 21st century Motown
Shanice 1990s Motown
Sharissa 21st century Motown
Shiny Toy Guns 21st century Motown
Shontelle 21st century Motown
Valerie Simpson 1970s Tamla
Sounds Nice 1970s Rare Earth
Sparkle 21st century Motown
The Spinners 1970s V. I. P. Also marketed as The (Original) Detroit Spinners in the United Kingdom to distinguish them from the British folk act
Vince Staples 21st century Motown
Edwin Starr 1960s Soul
Rose Stone 1970s Motown Also known as Rose Banks
Stone City Band 1980s/1990s Gordy
Dennis Stoner 1970s Rare Earth
Stoney & Meatloaf 1970s Rare Earth
Barrett Strong 1959 Tamla
Suai 21st century Motown
Sunday Funnies 1970s Rare Earth
The Supremes 1960s Motown Also billed as Diana Ross & the Supremes
Switch 1970s Gordy
Takeoff 21st century Motown
Felicia Taylor 1980s/1990s Motown
R. Dean Taylor 1960s V. I. P.
The Temptations 1960s Gordy
Three Ounces of Love 1960s Motown
Tammi Terrell 1960s Gordy
Toe Fat 1970s Rare Earth
Today 1980s/1990s Motown
Tony! Toni! Toné! 1980s/1990s Motown
Trick Trick 21st century Motown
UFO 1970s Rare Earth
The Underdogs 1960s V. I. P.
The Undisputed Truth 1970s Gordy
UnoTheActivist 21st century Motown
The Valadiers 1960s Miracle
Vanity 1980s/1990s Motown
The Veer Union 21st century Motown
Táta Vega 1970s Tamla
The Velvelettes 1960s V. I. P.
Waii 21st century Motown
Leon Ware 1970s Motown
Jason Weaver 1980s/1990s Motown
Mary Wells 1960s Motown
Kim Weston 1960s Gordy
Bruce Willis 1980s Motown
Mary Wilson 1970s Motown
Wolfe 1970s Rare Earth
Stevie Wonder 1960s Tamla/Motown Originally billed as Little Stevie Wonder
Syreeta Wright 1960s Motown Also billed as Rita Wright and Syreeta
XIT 1970s Rare Earth
Val Young 1980s/1990s Gordy
YoungBoy Never Broke Again 21st century Motown
Yours Truly 1980s/1990s Motown
P Yungin 21st century Motown
Zhané 1990s Illtown/Motown Records
Zion 21st century Motown

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